jacobs wonder
solo pianist & composer




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 Jacobs Wonder - Dawn 

This solo piano piece is about overcoming trauma and coping with our past. The metaphor of dawn is used to express how the dark of night will eventually be overcome by a new day no matter how long this night seems to last.

Jacobs Wonder - Mon Papillon, naissance et vol

This is a solo piano impressionistic story about life, about challenges we need to face, about the vulnerability of those we care about most. But its most about our capability to hang on to the love we feel for them. A butterfly's sequence in life is a wonder in itself and can be seen as a metaphor to our own journey becoming who we are intend to be in our life.

Jacobs Wonder - Mercy on us

I pray this song to be a tune of comfort. Despite challenging times of endurance and doubt i still want to put my trust in God. He is my Hope, finding my peace and salvation.

Faith means trusting in Him against all odds 

It is written: Romans 8:18-26

Jacobs Wonder - Gift of Love (or. Memories of Terry by Judyesther)

Jacobs Wonder - Dad's song(Ps.42)

Jacobs Wonder - Cesar Franck early pieces no.1